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Hi. my name is Alissa I have been a licensed and practicing esthetician since 2011. I officially started my business Lissthetics in April of 2018. I moved back to Georgia in September of 2021, because I missed the area and friends and wanted to grow my business here in Georgia. I started my skincare line Lissthetics Clinical Skincare in May of 2019. This line has become something I am very proud of and have a sincere love for. My skincare line is plant based and has medical grade ingredients. Using professional grade products at home is so important.

There are many options in the market today, and my line provides an option from a licensed professional in the market.

My skincare lines provides a variety of products depending on your skin type, to help you care for your skin at home if you are unable to see me for treatments in Georgia.

”Think of your daily skin care regimen as little like a sandwich. The bread on either side of your filling is your cleanser and your moisturizer and the great bit in the center is your serum”

You also want to remember that you apply your products from lightest to thickest.

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